My Presentation on the proteomic analysis of integrin complexes has been published in this week’s issue of Science Signaling. There is an accompanying slideshow of the presentation.

I presented the talk at the 6th British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR)–European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) Meeting, entitled “Multiscale Proteomics: From Cells to Organisms,” in Cambridge, UK. I was thrilled to be awarded the 2009 BSPR Early Stage Investigator Award at the conference.


The Presentation complements our Science Signaling Research Article on integrin-complex proteomics. It details the development of a workflow for the isolation and proteomic analysis of integrin adhesion receptor complexes and the cataloguing and comparison of the proteomes of two different receptor-ligand complexes that regulate cell migration.

Citation: A Byron, JD Humphries, MD Bass, D Knight, MJ Humphries, Proteomic analysis of integrin adhesion complexes. Sci. Signal. 4, pt2 (2011). DOI | PubMed

12 April 2011 //
Update: Full text and reprints of the Presentation are now available via our lab website.