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I attended the recent “Signaling by Adhesion Receptors” Gordon Research Conference (24-29 June) and associated Seminar (23-24 June) in Waterville, Maine, USA. The topics of both meetings covered research on signal transduction involving cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions. These interactions are essential for a multicellular existence. Unsurprisingly, when these processes go wrong, disease is often a consequence, and the implications of adhesion signalling in cancer were frequently discussed during the meetings.

Maine Lobster // Image by Adam Byron

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I have recently returned from the Keystone Symposia meeting “Proteomics, Interactomes” that took place in Stockholm, Sweden (7th-12th May). It was the first Keystone Symposia meeting in Stockholm, which, although lacking the ski slopes so often sampled at Keystone meetings, made for a very pleasant venue. It was also the inaugural “Proteomics, Interactomes” conference, and hopefully it will be the first of many. The meeting was a great success, with an excellent range of speakers.

View of Östermalm from Djurgårdsbron // Image by Adam Byron

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I will be in Dublin, Ireland, for the upcoming EMBO Cancer Proteomics meeting (20th-23rd June). I am pleased to have been selected to present a talk at the conference. My presentation will describe my current work in the lab of Professor Martin Humphries (University of Manchester, UK) on the proteomic analysis of integrin adhesion signalling in cancer cells, with a focus on the integrative analysis of these complex data.

The meeting, entitled “Systems Biology, Developmental Models & Data Integration,” is the second event in the EMBO Conference Series on Cancer Proteomics. The focus of the 2011 meeting is on using proteomic approaches to delineate mechanisms of cancer biology. It promises to be a very interesting meeting, and the programme looks really good!

I will be attending the 4th European Proteomics Association (EuPA) Meeting in Estoril, Portugal, 23th-27th October 2010. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the 6th Portuguese Proteomics Network (ProCura) Meeting. The conference is entitled “2010: A Proteomics Odyssey Towards Next Decades” and will focus on current trends and developments in proteomic technologies. I will present a poster on my recent work on the analysis of integrin adhesion complex dynamics.

I am very grateful to have been awarded a EuPA Fellowship to enable me to attend this meeting.

I am thrilled to have won the 2010 Young Investigator Award from the British Society for Matrix Biology (BSMB).

The BSMB is a learned society for scientists with an interest in the extracellular matrix and related subjects. I have been a member of the BSMB since I joined the lab of Professor Martin Humphries as a PhD student (I also designed the BSMB logo in 2006!), and it is an honour to be chosen for this prestigious award.

BSMB logo // Image by Adam Byron // Reproduced with permission from BSMB

BSMB logo

I will receive the award at the BSMB Autumn Meeting in Norwich on Monday (6 September 2010), where I will also be presenting the Young Investigator Award lecture.