Three of my images have been shortlisted for the European Proteomics Association (EuPA) 2012 Proteomics Photography and Graphic Arts Contest. The three images illustrate different aspects of proteomics, which is the study of all proteins in a given system, such as a cell. You can vote for your favourite image here.

Supercomplexity // Image by Adam Byron

My work on the proteomics of cell adhesion in the lab forms the basis of these images. The photograph Dendritic Crystals captures the delicate process of crystallisation, which can reveal insights into how molecules work. The Proteomics Pathway illustrates a “barcode” of signalling proteins that we discovered in cells. Supercomplexity displays the fantastically complex network of proteins that are involved in cell adhesion. Analysis of such networks can provide valuable understanding of the mechanisms that control cell behaviour. For me, they also provide a sense of wonderment at the complexity of biology.

The shortlisted images will be exhibited at the EuPA/BSPR 2012 Proteomics Meeting at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow (9-12 July). Online voting will close on 10 July, so don’t forget to cast your vote!